The Pharmamed Ltd. is placed in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina and it was established in 1996. At the beginning company's headquarters and production plants were located in a private house, which was organized for the needs of production and sales processes.

Construction of the first production facility began in year 2000 and it was completed in a record time of 3 months. After that, the seat of the company was changed to its present address Dolac n/L bb, Travnik. Construction of the second production plant, which was conducted in accordance with strict GMP guidelines, started in May 2002 and it was completed in December 2002. The construction of the third and fourth production buildings began in October 2014 and it was completed in May 2015.

Today, Pharmamed Ltd. has more than 5300 m2 which is deployed on production, business facilities, storage facility for starting materials and facility for storage finished products.


Business strategy

The business strategy of the Pharmamed Ltd. from the very beginning was directed towards our own production. Significant investments in marketing have contributed extremely rapid growth in sales of products from own production program. As strategic products from the assortment of own production can be distinguished:

Production of medicines and medical devices

The production of herbal medicines

Production of dietary products

Production of cosmetics, cosmetics with special purpose and children's cosmetics

Production of herbal drops

Porozvodnja filter and bulk teas

Laboratory services of the physical and chemical control of products

The total range of own production line has more than 210 products.

Pharmamed product portfolio was expanded in 2005 when we received the status of exclusive representative and distributor of production program of Salus-Haus, Germany. The distinctive products to the local market are Alpenkraft syrup, Floradix tonic with iron and Kindervital multivitamin supplement for children.


Exportation of our products

Our products are sold in Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Egypt, Croatia, Yemen, Kingdom of Jordan, Qatar, Kosovo, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macedonia (FYOM), Morocco, Germany, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United States, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

Human resources

From the very beginning and to this day our policy was focused on providing the highest quality of education. The company's business started with five employees, mostly family members, while today the company has 97 employees.In the context of human resources policies Pharmamed takes care of the continuous education of its employees, and fosters the practice of scholarship personnel who will in future be necessary for further development of the company.



The production is organized in modern facilities that meet strict standards. In our facilities we pay close attention to the system for conditioning and control of air quality in clean rooms, as well as the production of purified water, and between the individual zones of movement provided the difference in air pressure, which are acquired preconditions for reducing cross -contamination.

In order to improve the manufacturing process of strategic products successively in recent years we acquired equipment that their automated and semi-automated operation ensures sufficient capacity to meet current market demands.


Quality assurance

As a special mechanism to achieve previous targets established we run quality assurance as a first step to the ultimate goal of total quality management (Total Quality Management), which is one of the ultimate strategic goals of the company.

Quality assurance (QA) is a systematic approach to quality management that defines and establishes actions that lead to a reduction in the diversity and the introduction of uniformity in the system by monitoring and react to all the factors that can disrupt the system.

Good Manufacturing Practice (Good Manufacturing Practice), as part of the Quality Assurance is implemented in Pharmamed and ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards that meet the purpose of the product and quality requirements as confirmed by the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices BiH issuing the GMP certificate number INS-M-05-3622-06 / 287 of 12.06.2013.

Parallel with quality assurance as complementary we introduced system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

As confirmation of compliance with the new international standards in 2004, Pharmamed received certificate ISO 9001: 2008 from Bureau Veritas company and renewed the until today.


Quality control

Product quality has been and remains one of the main strategic goals of the company. With permanent quality control of our products we established control - analytical laboratory whose primary task is to control raw materials, packaging, semi-finished products, control of intermediates and finished products.

The laboratory is staffed and equipped to provide other types of chemical analysis and testing of microbiological safety. Based on this, we have implemented the system ISO 17025:2005, which ranks our laboratory among the laboratories that can do analysis of the approved scoupe.


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