For skin care and nappy rash


The english text is currently under maintenance.


The english text is currently under maintenance.


Baby soft cream prevents skin redness in sensitive places. It is designed for all skin types.


BuBu foaming bath with marigold and chamomile extract is an exceptionally mild formula that cleans and protects baby's gentle skin making it soft, elastic and hydrated. BuBu bath is pH neutral.


Bubu body milk contains almond oil and marigold extract. These two ingredients have long been known for their soothing and gentle effect on the dry baby skin. BuBu body milk provide hydrating effect and it’s absorbed quickly. It can be used for all types of skin.


BuBu cream against diaper rash, contains zinc oxide, which creates an effective protective layer to protect the skin, prevents and soothes skin redness in sensitive places in infants and young children.


BuBu oil contains marigold extract, almond oil and mineral oil which provide hydrating effect and makes skin smooth and soft. It protect skin from drying out.


They gently remove impurities and protect baby's skin. The wet wipes are dermatologically tested, color free, alcohol free, pH neutral with antiallergic effect.


BuBu shampoo with panthenol gently cleans baby's hair, making it soft and velvety. Thanks to its ingredients, BuBu shampoo regulates the scalp humidity and protects the hair from damage and excessive drying.


The english text is currently under maintenance.


Suppositories with glycerol for children.Glisulax Junior suppositories for children are used for constipation. Glisulax Junior has mild action especially for children.


Dijetetski proizvod, dodatak prehrani za zdrave kosti


Dijetetski proizvod, dodatak prehrani posebna formulacija za zaštitu od plave svjetlosti


Rolly multivitamin syrup is recommended by pediatricians specifically addresses for the small annoyances faced by children daily. Rolly multivitamin syrup is a complex of vitamins, minerals and essential oligoelements to help overcome the deficits of children and promote their vitality and well-being in everyday life.


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